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Stress relief for brides: how to relax before your wedding day.

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Hi Brides! Looking for ways to relax before your wedding day? I'm going to chat about some stress relief for brides, tools I personally use to stay on top of my game, and tips I share with my clients!

Why Brides Feel Stressed

It’s one month before your wedding and you start to get that anxious and stressed-out feeling come over you. Deadlines are creeping up, the biggest day of your life is approaching and you need a way to relax.

Guess what? You’ve got this! Just Inhale...Exhale and breathe.

It’s ok, it will all get done and there is still time. On top of that, I want to help you get through this. As a bride myself (in 2013) and an owner of my own company, I have had to figure this stress thing out too! Balancing the beautiful work / life day is quite a challenge. So, I have surrounded myself with helpful tricks and tools.

4 of my Favorite Tips for Stress Relief  (I’d love to know what you think!)



(amazing you have to try this!):

Essential Oils:

LAVENDER (stress relief...ahhh)

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Lavender has been documented to improved concentration and mental acuity; It clears the thought processes for focused intentions. Researchers found that inhalation of lavender oil increased beta waves in the brains, suggesting heightened relaxation, reduced depression and improved cognitive performance. In the British pharmacopoeia, lavender was discovered to have the ability to promote tissue regeneration and speed wounds healing on severely burned skin.


“I am healthy, whole and complete. Peace and serenity are mine. I relax and breathe deeply, knowing all is well. I am grateful for sound sleep and pleasant dreams."

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I am so grateful for you and want to help you dance through this amazing month before you big day.

Love, Kristina  

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